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Thank you for your interest in Sunbeam Kids. Together can give kids confidence they can make a difference by lending a little hand while also creating a positive ripple effect in our community. We may never see the fruits that come from the seeds we're planting at our projects, but from what we do get to hear we KNOW good things are happening - thanks to all the families who are making it happen! 

We have now made it easier to join and renew your annual membership!*  

Tax Deductible Membership Donation Amount: Family Membership - $40/year

Whether you are a current, past or prospective member, we are happy to answer any questions you may have!

*Don't remember when you joined? Don't worry! When it is time for your renewal you will be notified via email.  Because nobody likes surprises, renewal is not automatic. 

 6 Reasons  to Join Sunbeam Kids

1) Gain access to "members only" hands-on volunteering/ learning experiences that reinforce the value of teamwork and problem solving, build confidence and improve our community.  These are life lessons that are applicable at home, school, sports, etc!

2)    Visual reminders -- your kids collect a ribbon at each event to tie on their name tag tag lanyard ‚Äčas a reminder of all their good works (some kids don't want the ribbons, and that's OK too!)

3)    Expand your group of friends within the community (for parents & kids)

4)    Older kids ages 10+ can attend quarterly Youth Board meetings and serve as project leaders/helpers. They can also use SBK to get required service hours if needed for schools/clubs! 

5)    Access to SBK projects on average 3 times a month. We also share other community volunteer opportunities as we learn about them, typically through Facebook and Instagram. 

6)    To support DIY "volunteer-projects-in-a-box" for kids who otherwise wouldn't may not get to participate in Sunbeam Kids projects, by partnering with other organizations. 

There are many ways to serve our community as a member! While there is no requirement once you join, you are welcome to participate in as many projects as you'd like each year. We also invite you to inquire about planning and leading projects through our Advisory Council, or sharing your talents through our Board of Directors. We each bring unique gifts and experiences to the table and we'd love to hear your ideas. 

PO Box 1854
Brookfield, WI  53008

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