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    • 08/01/2021
    • 5:45 PM (CDT)
    • At Home+Drop Off at Street Angels Street Angels (1236 South Layton Blvd, in the rear parking lot)
    • 5

    Sunbeam Kids is happy to offer another Street Angels Lunch for Later At HomeProject to our members this month. 

    We need you! The need is great in our MKE community, so we have signed up to provide brown bag lunches to Street Angels this weekend, August 1st - but we can't help fill the bellies of people in need without your help! 

    We are looking for families to make and deliver lunches on Sunday afternoon/early evening. This project has been extremely popular and we need a few member families  to help out next week. 

    Note: we have a drop-off location available in Wauwatosa if you are able to drop lunches by 4:45pm that day. 

    Street Angels Milwaukee Outreach is a small but mighty group of individuals who conduct street outreach for the homeless three nights per week, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. In addition to a hot meal, the group provides friends with a "lunch for later". Our homeless friends really seem to enjoy the brown bag lunches.  

    Lunches should include a homemade sandwich (pb&j or lunchmeat & cheese, please no condiments on the bread) and the following:

    • A piece of soft fruit such as tangerines, bananas, plums, etc. (Fruit cups w/a spoon are good too)

    • Chewy granola or protein bar

    • Individual bag of chips

    • A sweet treat! Examples: prepackaged snacks or cookies

    • Water flavor packet for bottled water drinks

    Other suggestions could be pre-packaged containers of fresh veggies w/dip, pudding cups, applesauce, crackers, trail mix, etc.

    With the current COVID-19 crisis, Street Angels asks that bag lunches are prepared in a clean environment using social distance precautions. When dropping off bag lunches on the night of outreach, please drop off in bags or boxes that you will not need returned. To keep with social distance, we ask that you place the lunches by one of their buses, which their team will then place on the bus.

    Each family who registers will be asked to supply the contents for and assemble 13 bag lunches for the Street Angels program. Bag lunches MUST be delivered to Street Angels at 5:45pm on the day of outreach, Sunday, August 1st.Their location is 1236 South Layton Blvd, in the rear parking lot.

    Thank you for supporting others in our community

    PO Box 1854
    Brookfield, WI  53008

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